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Multimedia Page 1

Lakeview (421K)

A panorama picture. Mouse controllable both
herizontally and vertivally. Must run downloaded .exe
file if you use Netscape 4.x.



Five panorama vision pictures (Must use Internet
Explorer 5.x to view the moving pictures.
Breath-taking views. No plug-ins required.
Enjoy yourself!


Anfy's 3D Site

41 special effect applets, each adding add magic touches
to graphic web pages, desktop wallpaper or screensaver,
with Tree Menu, Fireworks, Water, Lake, Fade banner,
Anfy Cam, Text Scroll.


Beatnik's Web Sonification Demo Page

You'll be amazed by this unique page supported by
cutting technology. Need Beatnik Player
to hear sound clips on this page. If you don't have it, please download it Here.
The time you spend downloading will be worthwhile.


Musician (541K)


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